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Why did we settle in this region, in this place and not elsewhere ?

We have always loved visiting Italy, it is an ideal destination for many family holidays. We discovered Puglia almost 10 years ago. It appeared to us like an intact dolce vita where Nino Rota's tunes still resonated. For us, it brings all of Italy's best qualities together. Casa di Monti is ideally located 20 minutes from Brindisi airport, 5km from the sea, 10km from the Torre Guaceto Natural Park and about 10km from Ostuni. In this part of Italy, fiats 500s and Apes are not yet vintage, they are a real and authentic part of life. The towns and villages are full of architectural treasures and ancient olive trees produce exceptional oil to accompany the rusticl cuisine which is always beautifully executed in simple locandas, trattorias and pizzerias. The wines are just as celebrated as the local fruits and vegetables that flood the markets, the pugliese cuisine is also famous for its meats. The Adriatic and Ionian seas and beaches are not to be forgotten - wild or developed, there is something for everyone. All are accessible during the day. There are many exciting festivals, they are not aimed at tourists but the few who come to visit are always welcome. That's why we love Puglia.

What specific architectural features does our building have ?

Casa di Monti was designed by a Bolognese architect, it is flanked by a hill overlooking the sea and immersed in a field of olive trees. Both rustic and contemporary, it blends perfectly into the surrounding nature and the slight incline of the land. The property was designed to be understated with large terraces surrounded by dry walls. The infinity pool was built behind a stone wall, almost hidden from the house. Huge cement steps lead up to one of the most remarkable ancient olive woods of 1.2 hectares on the grounds. Stone, glass, corten steel, wood and cement, nothing more.

What is its history ?

Its history is both recent and discrete. The olive trees are the real masters of the place. They alone tell the story of the workers who fought against waves of invaders as well as against the bountiful yet harsh surrounding nature.

What can we offer people staying with us ?

We offer what we ourselves enjoy and rarely find elsewhere when we travel: a great simplicity in a very natural environment with what we hope is the perfect amount of comfort. Luca Zanaroli, our architect and art director who designed the house and made the furniture and lighting understood this. We added Roger Capron tables, Baumann armchairs, Davide Groppi lamps, La Liste Tunisienne items , Scandinavian and Italian furniture and we mixed it with handicrafts from local antique dealers. Nicola Fasano designed the dinner set and the olive oil is produced by us from the surrounding olive groves.